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Welcome back to ytfc.digital the clubs dedicated Digital Archive web site.

Yes we are back!!

Firstly may we apologise for the site being unreachable for the last 2-3 years.

This was due to circumstances beyond our control and we now start the huge task of getting everything back up to date.

As you will no doubt realise this will take quite a while to complete, especially sourcing and up loading three years of missing photographs.

With this in mind we shall be concentrating initially on the stats section and getting to the photograph section later down the line.

We sincerely hope that the ongoing changes will not dimmish your enjoyment of using the site and we can assure you we do not expect to experience any down time in the future.

But whilst the content management system is now operating normally it’s not the end of all the work as we now have to catch up with uploading  the missing three years action pictures.

So the work starts now, we will keep you informed via the site’s Facebook page.


A digital history archive of Yeovil Town Football Club

Football has been played in Yeovil since 1895, initially under the guise of Yeovil Casuals, then Petters United, Yeovil and Petters United before finally adopting the Yeovil Town Football Club name at the resumption of football end of the second world war.

For a club with a history such as ours, it seems that, apart from Kerry Miller’s magnificent history “Hendford to Huish”, no official history of this great club has ever been established.

After nearly fifteen years as Head of Media, along with a team of volunteers I have undertaken to create a digital history of our club in my retirement years.

Over my time at the club I have amassed over a quarter of a million pictures, along with numerous newspapder cuttings, programmes, shirts etc etc.

Add to that more recently, video clips and books, and you will begin to realise just how much material is available about our beloved Green and White’s.

The whole project will not be completed quickly, in fact I see it rather like painting the Forth Bridge-never ending, but funding for a minimum of two years development work has been acquired thanks to various generous local individuals, groups and organisations and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

What you are about to view is the very early stage of the web site’s life with additions, changes and details being added continuously.

If you, as a Glovers supporter, would like to volunteer your services to assist our existing group then please contact us on ytfcarchive@gmail.com.

Any articles, newspaper cuttings, photographs or indeed anything that you think should be included in this important part of Yeovil Town Football Club’s history, then please contact us on the e mail address above.

The club would like this Archive to ultimately become the ONLY reference point for anything Yeovil Town, but if you have any observations or suggestions to make the site better please let us know.

Different sections can always be added as we build the site and plans are already in place to include an audio library of all of your best memories of the club.

We are also very proud to be working with staff and volunteers at Yeovil District Hospital Foundation Trust helping patients with dementia with their treatment through the glorious memories that our great football club can evoke

So please enjoy, help if you can and above all remember the Forth Bridge example as we build on the site in the years ahead.

Adrian Hopper – Project Manager

Special Note for all players in Stats section:

All goals scored stats are bing worked on and will be updated in due course by our resident "Stato". Sorry guys of course we know you scored goals!!!!


Project Manager: Adrian Hopper

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Statistics Manager: Nigel Dyson

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